Private Voice Lessons

Develop your singing, performance, vocal technique and expressiveness.

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Whether you are just getting started on your journey of singing and need help developing good vocal habits or you are an advanced student who wants advice from an objective source, Iris can bring out the best in your performance, vocal technique, and expressiveness. The first priority as a teacher is to assist her students in developing healthy singing habits. Iris takes particular care with young voices, sensitive to the physical changes that begin in adolescence and continue through adulthood.

The warm-up exercises used are designed to focus the voice, improve flexibility and extend the student’s vocal range. Emphasis is placed on vocal technique, diction and stage presence. Students are instructed regarding posture and body awareness, resulting in the ability to relax and sing more freely.

“Music can speak louder than words. It evokes our emotions; it can soothe an aching heart and uplift a fallen spirit. It can bring us laughter and remind us of who we truly are.”
~Iris Reyes

About Iris

Iris brings a wide range of diversity to her studio. She teaches diversity in musical styles.


See and hear Iris and her students through video, images and audio clips.


“Iris Reyes is an incredible vocal instructor with years of experience, an extensive base of knowledge in music theory and musical repertoire and has the kindest, most nurturing teaching style and heart. My daughter has grown so much vocally in the 6 years she has been studying with Iris. Iris showcases her students with bi-annual recitals that are professional and of top-notch quality. We are so grateful for Iris and everything she has done to support Elli over the years!”

Leah Busam

“Iris Reyes is the kind of teacher who leaves a lasting imprint on her students. By inspiring them to be participants in their own development, she creates a unique teacher-student team dynamic that fosters trust and creates an environment where students understand that “mistakes” are a necessary part of their growth and education. This dynamic has allowed my daughter to step out of her comfort zone to explore a range of different vocal techniques and styles. It has also inspired her to study piano under Iris’ instruction and to dive deeper into music theory. Thanks to Iris, my daughter has a love and passion for music that I’m certain will be lifelong.”

Emily Boyle

“I started taking lessons with Iris when I was around 13 and had the privilege of studying with her for the next nine years until I graduated college with a B.A. in vocal performance. Not only was she my voice teacher, but she became a life mentor and friend. Iris is kind and patient but consistently pushed me to achieve more. She is passionate about her students and has dedicated her life to teaching the joy of singing. Iris took the time to understand my learning style which allowed me the freedom to enjoy the learning process and to get the most out of each lesson.”

Myrisa A. Martin, M.S.

Performing Arts Leadership and Management